Welcome To The Neighborhood…..

A few years ago, I did a small blog about some people in my neighborhood. They were the owners of the pizza shop at the corner near my house. The guys were so nice, and it was always a pleasure to visit and chat for a few minutes getting my pizza or wings.

After I had written the blog, I published it on my website Zulu Delta 45.

Of course, working full time and having 10 “Ga-zillion” hobbies including publishing my website, I decided to combine two of my hobbies because I obviously had too much time on my hands as “someone” once said. So, I wrote the blog, published it, printed it out in color, made a custom wood frame for it, framed it, and delivered it to my friends at Vivaldi’s Pizza; complete with a picture hook, and hung it on the wall. It was in great company; next to the pick up counter and cash register, and hanging next to a picture of the former Miss Rhode Island, and Miss America, and Mrs. Universe; Olivia Culpo.

One day I walked into the shop and received the news that Metin would be selling the business to his cousin Cemil Kizilkula who was also originally from Turkey. Metin introduced me to his cousin by pointing at the wall and telling Cemil (who refers to himself as Jimmy) that I am the person who wrote and made the “Vivaldi’s Picture” on the wall. Jimmy loved the picture and was excited about keeping it. “Oh no” said Metin; “that goes when I go.” Olivia stayed.  Jimmy was disappointed and asked if someday I would make a new one. Always curious about the people and places around me, I told him I would.

So, who is Jimmy? He is a man originally from Agri, Turkey. As a young man, he grew up and learned to cook professionally in some of the finest restaurants around Turkey and in the United States. Jimmy told me he was also a chef at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. I told him a few months ago, I finally walked into that hotel while I was out skiing in Utah. It is a very beautiful place, and something I always wanted to see.

Because Jimmy started his career learning to cook Italian food, that particular culinary delight is his favorite. If he does get a day off from work, he loves to cook steak. It’s not only one of his other favorite foods, but as he said, in his mind; “Steak=Day Off.” 

When he can, Jimmy loves to explore Newport, Rhode Island. He tells me David, and his sister Jennifer also work with him. He told me Marguerite pizza is the pizza people order the most; especially on Friday; the shop’s busiest day.

Good Luck Jimmy, Jennifer, and David. The food is great, and I hope you prosper. 

Zulu Delta

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Neighborhood…..

  1. Living in a good Italian food desert, I am in awe of the array and sheer quantity of good Italian available on the eastern seaboard. We have really good Mexican food here, but I would love to have one or two Italian restaurants that didn’t involve a 30 mile drive to Seattle.

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