The Challenge Is Coming, The Challenge Is Coming!!!





When I was in the 7th Grade (3 Schools in 3 States…..) I had a history teacher who gave us a poem one day; history and poetry; and odd fellowship. Anyway, it was from a former student. It was a recounting of Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

It wasn’t ground breaking; more like a little literary hijacking…….well for free anyway (Weird Al Yankovic made a living and career doing it).

The student did have the gall to write it, and let it be shown to his peers; not always an easy task in the 7th Grade. Brave.

  “Listen my cool cats, and you will hear; about a far-out dude name Paul            

        Revere!”……….One if by land, two if by sea; if the British don’t come, the joke’s on me.

There was more, but that was long ago.

That student was a writer………..and so am I.

It just took me a little longer to come around.

This April, I will once again be writing in the A-Z Blog Challenge, I look forward to not only writing, but reading “God only knows what” will fly off my keyboard.

I not only hope you come along for the ride, but maybe some of you “7th-Graders at heart” will write something yourselves. There are thousands of topics to unleash on the “digital ether.”

Anyway, I have a few weeks to go, so as a warm up, stay-tuned for some fun from none other than……..ZULU DELTA’S MAILBOX!!!



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